New York’s Finest Magician and Mentalist in Corporate Entertainment

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again!

A Truly Unique Performance

You’ve got a room of smart people to impress. They think they’ve seen it all. But with Labib Malik on stage, they’re going to question everything they thought they knew about magicians. The room will be filled with chatters of “How…?” and “What the…?” With his unique and witty Norwegian comedy sprinkled in, you’ll see why Labib is one of the highest sought after Mentalists in New York.

The ONE Time Where a Room of Confused Business People Is a Good Thing!

Captivation and confusion are Labib’s specialty; he’s known to leave a room full of savvy business professionals entirely baffled, which he believes sets a perfect, fun mood for corporate events, whether he’s strolling up to minglers before the dinner or warming up the stage for the main event.

A Bag of Tricks

Labib is both a stage performer and small group astonisher, using incredible sleight-of-hand feats along with wondrous mindreader ability you thought only possible in movies. He’s a master of playing cards, borrowed personal objects and well, just about anything. Guests will feel as though there’s nothing but magic happening right in their own hands. Combine that with his Asian descent and home-grown Norwegian cocky attitude and your guests are in for a performance they won’t soon forget.

Why New York?

Well, New York is a city of some of the most intelligent people in the world, the top of the mountain for a performer. Labib feels that if he can shock the people of New York, he can captivate an audience anywhere, and captivate he does. 

Are YOU ready for thrilling, world-class entertainment at your New York corporate event? Let Labib, the master of illusion, get the party started.


LM illusions will not just add flare to your events, i also take time to study every event professionally to ensure that the illusions do not disrupt or distract the flow of your event. I make sure you retain the attention of your guests, while keeping them entertained.


I have actively practiced corporate magic and illusion for over 10 years now, and i have gathered an invaluable expertise in crowd understanding and evaluation. So you can be sure you wont be getting just random magic tricks for your event, but illusions that your crowd can relate to.

Client Satisfaction

I guarantee that both the host and the guests will all be pleased and satisfied by the end of the day. I put in a massive amount of time and effort for every event individually to be sure i put smiles and the face of my clients and give your guest a memory that will be hard to erase.

They can't be all wrong

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