Spontaneous and unpredictable,

Labib Malik performances are

a roller-coaster for the mind.

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Illusions That ADD


LM illusions will not just add flare to your events, i also take time to study every event professionally to ensure that the illusions do not disrupt or distract the flow of your event. I make sure you retain the attention of your guests, while keeping them entertained.

10 Years of Expertise

I have actively practiced corporate magic and illusion for over 10 years now, and i have gathered an invaluable expertise in crowd understanding and evaluation. So you can be sure you wont be getting just random magic tricks for your event, but illusions that your crowd can relate to.

Client Satisfaction

I guarantee that both the host and the guests will all be pleased and satisfied by the end of the day. I put in a massive amount of time and effort for every event individually to be sure i put smiles and the face of my clients and give your guest a memory that will be hard to erase.

A raw mentalist

Who knows the depths of human mind

Meet Labib Malik, a real magician and a raw mentalist who knows the depths and mysteries of the human mind. In addition, he prides himself, with good references, to be a charming and engaging entertainer who mastered the art of the audience in an exciting journey into a world of illusion and intense excitement..

Semi-Finalists in Norways Got Talent

Captured judges heart by involving them in my act in a such way that they were speechless, and Labib received standing ovation from the hall

Labib predicted that 3 of 4 judges will buzz him out, and so it happened, then Labib revealed that he could predict evenings outcome on a lottery ticket that he played weeks ago, on the lottery ticket he played the exact second all 3 judges gonna buzz him out on very second, and for the judges were left speechless and they took their "X" back and sent Labib to finals. .

S1Marketing with David Meltzer

Created some truly magical moments for millionaires & entrepreneurs at S1Marketing event in California, by involving the audience with his mind reading abilities and his version of the "Russian Roulette"

Labib was invited to performed for David Meltzer event AMP Up in California, Irvine, the audience members were millionaires, entrepreneurs and top business people in California, Irvine for S1Marketing group.

He went on stage before Keynote speaker David Meltzer, and performed how truly and real magic can be, by reading audiences minds, and performed his unique version of "Russian roulette" and received great feedback and praise. He is already invited back to California for more events with David Meltzer.

A Bag of Tricks

Mindreader Ability

Lots of magic objects and experiences

Original cocky attitude and mystic charisma

Labib is both a stage performer and small group astonisher, using incredible sleight-of-hand feats along with wondrous mindreader ability you thought only possible in movies. He’s a master of playing cards, borrowed personal objects and well, just about anything. Guests will feel as though there’s nothing but magic happening right in their own hands. Combine that with his Asian descent and home-grown Norwegian cocky attitude and your guests are in for a performance they won’t soon forget.

Some Of My
Ever Grateful Clients...

Aiman Shaqura
Aiman Shaqura
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Fantastic person and magical performer with great connection with the audience. His performance is still a big talk among my staff and partners even 6 months later. We're looking forward to have him again on stage when 800 people are gathered for a great event
Eiving Roald
Eiving Roald
Commercial Director at SAS
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Thank you Labib for making the day special for us at SAS, not to mention for me who you tricked completely. You’re a great magician with the whole world at your feet. The best of luck in the time coming. Regards from us at SAS.
Erik Skarsheim
Erik Skarsheim
Grand Hotel
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Have seen Labib’s magic on several occasions and I am just as amazed every time. Highly recommended for any type of event, both as a show on stage or just mingeling amongst people with close up magic. A great addition to making a really memorable birthday, staff party.
Yukho Wong
Yukho Wong
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Thank you so much for a amazing magical evening! We loved having Labib Malik at our event! He was very easy to work with before and the after the show. Labib was very interactive and engaging for any group. The audience was amazed by his skills. We would absolutely recommend him for any event. Thank you so much .

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