I Know How To Show MAGIC

Labib can encapsulate the element of entertainment in your corporate event, transform a conventional product launch into a remarkable experience with his amazing parlour magic, become the epicenter of discussion in private parties and raise the levels of fun in Xmas parties!

You can even enjoy Labib’s stage or close up magic in marriage parties, offering guests something to remember, and making a marriage ceremony truly stand out from the usual trodden.

Labib’s repertoire includes mind bending illusions that take form in front of the audiences’ eyes, card tricks that will leave the crowds wondering, feats of supernatural intuition that will blur the line between reality and imagination, and finally inexplicable vanishing of items into thin air, transcending from what is physically possible in the most mysterious and entertaining way! The creative depth of Labib’s performances is sure to amaze and enchant even the most demanding of audiences.

Corporate Events

Whether it’s a small party for your employees or a large convention with hundreds of guests, Labib can help you get the most out of your corporate event by making it one that is truly enjoyable and also recollectable, making attendees look forward to the next meeting. A combination of stage and close-up “magic” can provide some diversity in the event and bring endless fun during breaks.

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Product Launches

Labib can help you enlarge the impact of your product launch event by creating a fun and “mysterious” atmosphere accompanied by mind-blowing “magic” that will showcase and also highlight some of the product’s strongest aspects. Exhibitions are also a great chance to let Labib “work his magic” and gather the attendees to increase awareness around a product, and help your brand reach out to more people.

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Private Parties

Private parties are the epitome of unlimited and often unconventional fun. Enrich the enjoyment level with some close up magic from the master of the kind that is Labib. Let your guests get lost into the magnificence of card games and proximal deception.

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Xmas Julebord

Julebord is a great chance for people to get together and have fun. Why not make it an even better one with some close up magic that will make the whole difference from past year events?

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Marriage Parties

The day of the marriage is one of the happiest days in a couple’s life. Labib can take the reminiscing level of a marriage party into a whole new level with his jaw-dropping stage magic. After the main performance, Labib walks around your guests performing close up magic, giving you and your guests something to remember for a long time, and making your marriage party a distinct and truly unique event.

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